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Ariel and Dante - A Melodious Tale

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1 Ariel and Dante - A Melodious Tale on Sat Aug 13, 2016 1:30 am


We can do Ariel and Dante since the day they met, in whatever era it was owo

2 Re: Ariel and Dante - A Melodious Tale on Sun Aug 28, 2016 7:31 pm



"I can't believe I let them talk me into this." Ariel muttered underneath her breath. Ariel had been happily spending her days out as a Succubus over in the land of the cultured, to be known as Europe later on but her friends had told her: "why yes, let's move to the Western world, it would be so exciting!" they had all said. It was agreed that they'd all book passage on the Mayflower to sail to this new world and then at the last moment they lost their nerve and here she was, standing alone in the bow of a ship heading to some distant land they had discovered and decided to colonize. Ariel was trying to hold her sunhat in place as the wind whipped her hair and dress about her. One hand holding onto her sunhat and the other holding onto her suitcase. She did enjoy being on the ocean like this but the voyage was soon to be over. Ariel got hit by an unexpected spritz of sea spray. "Ah!" she gasped as the salt water soaked her dress. Ariel moved her hand away from her sunhat to inspect the damage but then a giant gust of wind blew right by and took her hat. "Why me wind! Why!" she asked to no one in particular as she gathered her dress about her and chased down her damned hat before it went overboard. Ariel was trying not to trip on her dress and hold onto her suitcase at the same time. Ariel didn't have time to think about what hand she was going to use to try to grab her sunhat. Was she going to use the hand holding up her dress so she didn't trip or the hand holding her suitcase and risk someone taking it or accidentally throwing it overboard. Her blonde ringlets blew around her, obscuring her vision vastly. "Some assistance please! Anybody!" she exclaimed, running what felt like the entire length of the damned ship. "Oh god damnit!" she cursed. Ariel chucked her suitcase down a hallway where she hoped no one would steal her belongings. She kicked off her shoes down the same hallway and gathered her dress up in both her hands as she picked up her speed. Her stockings made running a little more precarious but god damnit she wanted her hat back!

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