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Jobs and Titles

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1Jobs and Titles Empty Jobs and Titles on Sun Aug 14, 2016 10:58 pm


Lyss - Seamstress, florist
Felix - Vet, town protector
Diana - fauna protector, volunteer at vet clinic, owns dance studio with Aiden
Huritt - book store owner, substitute teacher, writer, helps raise dogs at his father's
Essence - candle/crystal/oils shop with Kae
Kenyon - helps protect town, jet pilot fighter in air force reserves, helicopter pilot for fire search and rescue in Colorado
Maddie - stock market player, alpaca raiser with Landon
Jasmine - Hunter, but has taken to just doing tattoos since she moved to MH
Poli - photographer, helps raise dogs at her father's, ballet instructor at Aiden and Diana's dance studio
D'art - helps out at book store
Kae - candle/crystal/oils shop with Essence
Abe -
Elisabet - liquor shop owner
Quin - Doctor, herb shop owner
Nadia - Nurse, helps florist
Dante - singer
Jackin - ice cream shoppe owner (owns the coffee / ice cream shoppe with Sorcha)

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2Jobs and Titles Empty Re: Jobs and Titles on Sun Aug 28, 2016 12:04 am


Aiden: Dance Studio owner
Ariel: Owner of "The Yarn Barn" Art Supply Store
Kendel: Lawyer
Landon: Businessman
Louisa: Curator
Kelvin: Youtuber
Maverick: Volunteer Forest Firefighter Helicopter Pilot
Adrienne: Ranch Hand for the Horses
Sorcha: Owner of a Parisian-style coffee shop called "Le Profiterole"

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